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Originally posted by rth
I'm sure you really do know the difference between "overall" marketshare and "high-end ($300+)" marketshare, and wouldn't be surprised to learn, for example, that the most popular cars that cost $150,000+ are not the same brand as the ones most people are driving.

ATI having 97% of $300+ marketshare is very well known. you must be a bit of a noob, here's a google search for "ATI has 97% $300"
Seconded...ATi ownes nVidia in the $150-200+ market segment.

If NVidia just optimizes just for the benchmark then they are the new scandalous company of the 21st century....the management at NVidia are some of the most %&%$&#&%$@$%^@#$% I ever seen or heard of.
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