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Default Re: Windows 7 ~ Windows Vista

# Nvidia Display Driver Service - This service generally doesn't have an essential function. In my experience, most people can safely disable it and not run into any difficulties or reduced functionality whatsoever. In fact disabling this service can improve Windows startup and shutdown times and general performance. However, some people report potential issues with temperature monitoring on their graphics cards if this service is disabled. In general if you feel you are experiencing any other strange behavior due to the disabling of this service, set it back to Automatic and restart it. Note: In Vista, the Nvidia Display Driver Service may be a startup item (as opposed to an actual service) called NvSvc in some versions of the Forceware drivers, but the same description applies. Note further that in more recent Forceware releases you may need to keep this service enabled in Vista or Windows 7 for Antialiasing and/or Anisotropic Filtering to work properly. Again, start off by disabling it and then only re-enable it if you find specific problems or certain functionality is unavailable or not working properly.
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