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Originally posted by Vash
Sat: yes, GTA:VC is a good console port. Sorry to have jumped all over ya, buddy; there are a lot of idiots running around the Gearbox boards throwing insults and poorly thought out accusations and I'm still a little jumpy. Over there, at least, I feel as if I'm the only one who can see 1) the work that was put into Halo: PC and 2) how difficult it might have been.

So, to summarize: I likes it much, the tech issues will get worked out, and I am "teh suck" for having blown a fuse.
I'm not mad at you, and I certainly didn't take your post as "jumping all over me," no need to apologize at all. And as I said, I don't dislike the game the game at all. I'm most mad at the fact that we are well over a year (more like 18 months) from the launch of Halo wih the Xbox, the team was supposedly going to work on the PC port a few weeks after that and this is what they released. GTA: Vice City came out within 6 months from the PS2 launch and it's much more polished than Halo. I have to believe that porting from PS2 to PC is more difficult than Xbox to PC. Compounding the problem is that I know Bungie and Gearbox are better than this. Oni was a great game from a development standpoint. It ran well on almost all harware and is one of a handful of PC games I've ever played that didn't display major, showstopping bugs that required patching. And Gearbox: look at Opposing Force, Blue Shift and the Half-Life High Definition pack. Yes, I know it's a weak comparison because they weren't working on a completely original project, but both those games were exceptionally well done.

I don't expect perfection, but some of these issues are inexcusable considering how much time they had to work with this.

I did some playing this morning and I did find that 1024x768, 2xAA and 8x performance AF does give a good combination of performance and quality. But with no AA, 1280x1024 runs like garbage, which bugs me to no end. I've found the high degree of AF is necessary because you can blatantly see the mipmap boundaries on anything less. I'm not too mad about this because performance is still somewhat good, but in UT2003 I can barely see the mipmap boundaries with AF off. Also, I disabled the specular setting. I think it makes objects look more realistic, and I gained probably about 2-3 fps in the process. I will definitely try the mouse lag thing posted above. I'll do it every time I launch the game if necessary, but I hope this is something that can be resolved in a patch.
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