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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Anand posts Initial HL2 results with new Dets

Originally posted by Socos
As long as there are people in the world like you, [N] will be in business.

ATI runs the, "STANDARD" DX9 codepath. Valve did not code for ATI hardware, they coded to the DX9 spec. I believe you will see this when XGI's card comes out. If it runs well on both ATI and XGI hardware and not [N]'s, it must be that ATI and XGI both paid valve???? Yeah thats it.
I don't care what ATI runs because mixed mode is included in DX9.
What you call standard DX9 is ATIs vision of DX9 which was adopted by MS. Nv3x was in development already back in those times.
No way to change anything in the design.

So i appreciate everything which Nvidia does to increase the performance.
And i hope Nvidia will be in business because i don't want ATI to get in the market position NV is. To bad memories from the past considering their crap products.
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