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Default Re: Windows 7 ~ Windows Vista

Originally Posted by Elvin Presler View Post
I thought I was going to like Windows 7. Tried out the RTM though and found it is just Vista with a few small, insignificant improvements, like better options in the Defragmenter, and just as many new annoyances, like not remembering window size/position, and being stuck at 59 hertz (not 60) refresh rate no matter what you do. These 2 alone would prevent me from ever using Win7 if not fixed. Some games REQUIRE 60 hertz or they simply will not run. Battlefield series? Halo FFS! I'm not sure if it's Vista or Nvidia but the Nvidia Control Panel is a total mess in WIN7 with many broken or stuck settings.
Window size and position is remembered. All my folders and windows and applications open the way I want them to. If you have shortcut launches from your taskbar, you likely have to adjust launch behavior if you need it to open some specific way (i.e. maximized).

The refresh setting is reading directly from the monitors so it is not entirely Microsoft's fault there. I personally have no run into any situations where my games won't run but then I also don't play the games you are having issues with. I am sure there is a workaround, i.e. editing the game .cfg or something along those lines.

Re: Nvidia's control panel, I have no issues at all on my HTPC with the control panel. It renders as it did under Vista and the settings all work and the links all function.

I did not find it any faster though it may be on a lower end PC. It comes with no email client but half the old Windows Mail program's files are still sitting there...WTF? I don't care if they remove it, but....well REMOVE it, don't just break it.
I agree about Windows Mail, but I have a lot of storage space so I have never cared about this.

With regards to speed, I love it It is a lot more efficient in many areas than Vista, especially when it comes to the WMC and indexing. A lot of other areas are also improved in my overall usage and, I no longer have a dedicated Sidebar application running

Homegroups? The new more cumbersome taskbar with zero advantage over the old one? The new "shake the window" feature that drops everything else to minimized? Yeah, you'll need it now that all windows will pile up on top of each other.
Homegroups is fantastic, honestly.

If you have a home network and share apps or files across it, homegroups makes your life a lot easier. It is simple and doesn't have the variety of issues that XP and Vista have. Plus, it is faster and more intuitive. Further, the videos/audio/programs and other folders with their indexing are a huge boon. I can access and control all my media from one folder (where it can pool from other folders and drives in my system or network) instead of navigating to individual drives and folders or network attached devices. HUGE efficiency plus.

The new gui features such as the smart taskbar actually reduces clutter and the aero-peek is now fully functional (i.e. you can mouse-over, click on the application or preview it and so forth). A lot more functionality than just a thumbnail preview

The fact that I can preview my tabs within the taskbar (currently only works with IE8) is awesome and the thumbnails are a lot easier for me to navigate through than a multitude of apps on the taskbar. I guess there is a learning curve involved but it is a LOT more efficient. The dock-like functionality is leaps and bounds better than anything on XP or Vista (standard installation, no 3'rd party apps).

I used to use docks back in the day with XP. I gave it up under Vista due to the smart-search box within the start menu. Now, I have the smart taskbar and the search box. Best of both worlds.

The shake function and other extensions of the aero feature set make it a lot easier for people to hide/show files, folders, applications. You don't have to use them but if you are a big multi-tasker, it's just one of those small things that makes a big difference

Boot and shut-down times are also massively improved (for me at least, on both my systems with Windows 7).
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