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Unhappy Ti4200 and Linux Install Problem

Hi all, I just installed a Leadtek GeForce 4 card based on the Nvidia Ti4200 chip. It seems that I have a problem with linux (wich was not the case with my previous GeForce 2 GTS card).

When I try to boot into linux or even run the Installer (Mandrake 8.2) as soon as Linux starts the boot the screen goes black and the computer hangs? I have even tried RH7.3 and the problem persists. I always have linux boot into console mode so I can only guess there may be framebuffer issues?
(I start X manually to avoid hassles)

The card works fine with no issues under M$ XP Home (dual boot...or used to be).

System Details:
AMD Athlon 1gig CPU
1024 Megs Ram
Asus A7V133 Mobo
Leadtek Ti4200 128meg card with VIVO
Soundblaster Live
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