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Unhappy Re: VDPAU 9400GT MPEG2 artifacts

Ive tried the exact same clip with mplayer+vdpau and the blocks appear in the exact same place each and every time.
I dont understand why its only MPEG2 - the card will GPU decode MPEG4, H264 and VC1 all day long without any problem at all. It doesnt make any sense.
I'm lucky i can decode MPEG2 with the standard decoder its just a pain for the WAF to keep switching profiles based on the codec
i dont want to get a new card until i'm sure this one is broken.
2 posts on this page reported a similar problem of multi colored blocks - not sure if its the same problem and no answers.

I'm not sure about which chip is in my mums card - i will check at the weekend. Its an Asus 8400GS Silent
In my first post i reported this error:- VDPAU nvidia: Error detected 2 195
whats that about? i take it my debug log did not show anything out of order?

Thanks for your help Stephen
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