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Default Re: Windows 7 ~ Windows Vista

Originally Posted by henrybravo View Post
The 59hz "problem" is just Windows 7 conforming better to the EDID standard. Most monitors really run at 59.94hz. Windows 7 doesn't round to the nearest hz the way previous versions did. If you look in your monitor's OSD you'll see your display still says 60hz even though the control panel says 59hz because your monitor is still rounding up like it always has. So in essence nothing has really changed. The problem is there are a few games (it seems like very few) that are hard coded to run at 60hz, and since Windows 7 is reporting 59hz instead of 60 it is causing the game to break, even though the refresh rate hasn't really changed.

More info here:
that explains it i had DDC/CI off.

turned it on, and OS shows 59, and monitor still shows 60hz

haha, clueless folks making all this ruckus just because they don't understand DDC/CI and EDID.
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