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Originally posted by serAph
could someone tell me why adopting one standard and not another is cheaing?

I honestly think the cheating thing is blown out of proportion. Especially since ATi'll be running fp32 code @ fp24 come Doom3 time.

Both companies suck people - get over it and yourselves.
First of all.. Go figure out what you are talking about.

There is no FP32 "code" in Doom-III.

The highest path is the ARB2 path which uses the STANDARD OpenGL extensions and uses whatever the hardware supports, be it FP24/FP32 or whatever.

The other paths like the Nvidia path uses Nvidia proprietary extensions and uses a LOT of Fx12 and FP16.

There are about 3 or 4 of you that keep repeating the same simply False information over and over every time to try to make some kind of pont. Base your Views on accurate information and get with the program.
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