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Originally posted by PaleGreen
Go back and read your original statement. You simply said "ATI has at least 97% of $300+ card market share".

Which is why I posted the link to the information regarding NV's continued dominance of the pro market, where many cards are $300+. (Hence my remark about the "el cheapo" Quadro2) There's just no way ATI has 97% (total units and/or dollar value) of all cards over $300.
Don';t be so ____ pedantic... you know full well what he meant - this isn't a discussion about renderfarm/workstation cards here but gaming instead - huge difference.

Oh and as for 32bit D3... you are WRONG my friend... it will be FP16/FX12 the whole way in teh NV3X path - it would 'only' be 32bit if the GFFX ran teh ARB2 path..

Meanwhile the R3x0 will be doing 24bit precision the whole time... and for R420? Mebbe 32bit? who knows... but by teh time D3 is 'eventually' released the whole landscape is like to be very different then.
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