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Default Re: Windows 7 ~ Windows Vista

Same 59Hz here on my desktop (my bros too) but it is 60Hz on my laptop. I wonder if its only desktops that are affected but either way I've yet to run into any games that wont run.
Oh and anyone that has issues with things like Homegroups and such is just trying to convince themselves that something better is not out there

On a not related note I've noticed something nice with Win7 just by looking at my drive map in PerfectDisk 10. There is a crap load! less of "black" "excluded" blocks on the drive map. Half of my HD was full of those on Vista and only a single row in Win7. I only needed to run a one boot defrag to get things in order. Of course its only a guess on my part but its probably the reason why its so much faster. If you want to test real world speed difference between OS's I've found Steam to be quite good. Installing games in Steam even while downloading 15+ of them only takes a few seconds in W7 vs. up to a minute or more on Vista.
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