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Default Re: 896 megs, 1 Gigabyte, 2 gigabyte? Something some might find interesting.

It doesn't really suprise me that 2gb of memory on current cards isn't really showing a benefit this generation, that is why I'm currently holding onto my GTX280's and waiting for next gen rather than getting a couple of GTX285 2gb cards.

In my case it wouldn't just be for plain old highres support, I'd like to be able to use some of the combined AA modes at highres and still keep good performance.

Also if you have benchmarked crysis at 1920x1200 or 2560x1600 you can see by the numbers that (using AA + best rendering mode) at times the game wants to use upwards of 1.7gb of video memory at times. Little wonder performance has yet to be maxxed out for this game this generation

I also wonder how much the drivers have to do with the situation (especially for things like AA etc), it could well be the driver just isn't well optimized for exploiting the extra memory very well since it is non standard.

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