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Originally posted by digitalwanderer
No, I really prefer NOT using those kind of just seems to make it that much easier for companies to optimize for.

I'm trying to move pretty much strictly to fraps as I've found it gives me the most accurate results and is the most difficult to optimize for.
Sure, the websites shouldn't being using it with everything we know today, but it can be very useful for the us. I always run my system thru a bunch of benches whenever upgrading something major and this would make it much easier than having to get up off the couch everytime to start the next benchmark. Anyways, if the cheats are there for any of the benchmark programs, they would be there whether you used this or not.

And I am seriously starting to doubt that FRAPS is fool proof against Nvidia's genius (in a Lex Luther sort of way!) driver team. I've seen similar framerates being displayed on my ATI system and a good friend's 5900 system in so many games over the past few months, yet they all play better on mine. For example, F1 99-02 show remarkably close fps yet it is much smoother on my 9800pro. This stuttering and sluggishness in several games, like BF1942, has me very skeptical about Nvidia......yet again.
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