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Default Catastrophic bug found in Win7 RTM

However, Microsoft is now in code-red panic mode as a major bug has been found in Windows 7's RTM build, one which threatens to kill the OS's release party. The RTM build -- 7600.16385 -- thus far only received by a handful, features a reportedly massive memory leak in the unassuming, but frequently used program chkdsk.exe.

When scanning a second hard disk (a non-boot partition or second physical drive) using the "/r" (read and verify all file data) parameter the utility starts to leak memory like its a monsoon and quickly runs up a high enough memory debt that it blue screens and crashes the system, according to some (others merely report a memory usage of around 98 percent within seconds, but without the legendary "blue screen of death").

The bug has been confirmed on many different hardware setups --it's been verified to occur on everything from a Intel Atom-based netbook running the 32-bit version, to a Intel Core 2 Duo notebook running the 64-bit version, and a VMware Workstation 6.5.2 virtual machine running the 32-bit version.

Explorer.exe, which runs the utility does not release the excessively large amounts of memory it gobbles up, compounding the problem.

Microsoft is reportedly trying to avoid claiming responsibility, blaming the problem on chipset driver issues and telling users to upgrade their firmware. Yes, that makes absolutely no sense, considering the bug has been verified to exist in VMware. However, that's the current stance Microsoft is reportedly taking.
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