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Default Router ....................

Ok, looking for a new router again.

After all the trouble I had been having with DGL-4500.

some info

and so on and on

every since May of this year, D-link released 1.20 update that basically broke A1 revision of DGL-4500 router, and A2 revision isn't better.

1.20 firmware was released in May, in late July they released 1.21 firmware that didn't fix the issues.

1) router usually locks up after 2-4 days of use, and has to be power cycled
2) wireless drops every 30-60 seconds when router is under load (transferring files from PC to PC), if not under load it drops wireless every few minutes.

I filed a complaint with BBB, so hopefully this will get resolved with full refund from Dlink. Since they broke their product with their poorly coded firmware.

OK, so now i'm looking for a new router.

What would you recommend?

Few things that I would like to have:
1) Gigabit switch, preferred, but not necessary since i can have separate switch
2) has to have 5ghz band, preferably dual band
3) WPA2
4) good range
5) n
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