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Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
Ok, looking for a new router again.

After all the trouble I had been having with DGL-4500.

some info

and so on and on

every since May of this year, D-link released 1.20 update that basically broke A1 revision of DGL-4500 router, and A2 revision isn't better.

1.20 firmware was released in May, in late July they released 1.21 firmware that didn't fix the issues.

1) router usually locks up after 2-4 days of use, and has to be power cycled
2) wireless drops every 30-60 seconds when router is under load (transferring files from PC to PC), if not under load it drops wireless every few minutes.

I filed a complaint with BBB, so hopefully this will get resolved with full refund from Dlink. Since they broke their product with their poorly coded firmware.

OK, so now i'm looking for a new router.

What would you recommend?

Few things that I would like to have:
1) Gigabit switch, preferred, but not necessary since i can have separate switch
2) has to have 5ghz band, preferably dual band
3) WPA2
4) good range
5) n
I am shock you are having problems with that router I have the same one, It's been on for a year straight never had to reset it ever. I use it for wired and wireless I get a 50mb pipe from comcast after I change some setting tru that router, I tranfer and watch movies tru wireless and wire all the time, and it's never hung or ever had to reset it, I know other people that have that router which is the reason why I got it was having problems with other routers and they never had any problems with it.

Routers I used Linksys pure junk first one was a WRVS4400N spent $250 at the time for it, "junk at best" first one burn out after 3 month wireless stop working and sent it in, got a new one, dropouts, all the time. Then stop working one night that I needed it, was pissed at it because needed to do some work "Throw it out the window" then got the Linksys WRT350N Wireless-N figure maybe the first model was a bad design or something "Sure have learn then" The second one worked ok for the first three months and when down hill from there, never could get good wireless out of this guy and would dropout all the time and had to reset every two week. So give it away for free to "MR BIGMAN" another forum member, and will never buy another linksys again. Then try that Dlink DGL4500 and has been one of the best routers I used and the fastest. "You may just have a defective one" or a first revision just RMA it get a new revision
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