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Default Dishnetwork DVR Reciever Overheats?

I have dishnetwork, and I signed up for a 2 year deal, and ordered the ViP 722 DVR Reciever. It has been working great for the past 9 months I think (6 - 12 months) but recently somethings just arent working properly. When I have recorded something, and I decide to watch it, I hit play, then 5 minutes into it or whenever it feels like, Something goes wrong.

Sometimes the movie or Tv show just pauses, for 5 seconds, then continues 5 seconds into it (i miss 5 seconds of it), then I hit the skip back button (goes back 10 secs) and once I press that the whole video freezes for 15 seconds, and sometimes the video continues playing while the skip back icon is on the screen. And also sometimes, the Video goes out of sync with the sound. I puase it, and play it, and it goes back to normal

I read online that some people had errors about DVRs that over heat, so I took the plug off and let it sit for the night. The next morning (today) I plugged it in, and selected the same video to watch, and for the first 45 minutes it was working flawlessly. Then again the errors came up. And I went to the reciever and felt it, and it was burning hot again in less than an hour!

Does anyone have this reciever or used it before? Or maybe you have a dish reciever with these problems? If so, then please write some advice? What should I do?

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