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Default Re: Catastrophic bug found in Win7 RTM

Originally Posted by Sazar View Post
Anyone who is using the REPAIR flag of chkdsk while multitasking is a blithering idiot if he/she expects 100% functionality to multi-task while operating said system.

Further, since this is 32-bit app, running in with win2k8 R2 on systems that typically have far more RAM should not be an issue since you would use about 3-3.25GB tops.

You will note that Jason Mick has since updated his sensationalist articles headline and offered sort of a mea-culpa in another blog piece he posted today.

This is a basic mis-understanding of what chkdsk does and how resources are allocated. I guarantee you the vast majority of people who are calling this a catastrophic bug didn't even know about chkdsk still being available in systems today.

Further, you need admin rights so this is not something a fair few people on their systems can simply activate "accidentally" as there are steps to check off before being able to select.

I'm sorry, but this whole "catastrophic bug" thing is a non-issue. I am pretty sure Microsoft will still update the chkdsk app to change it's behavior in response, but the people who knew how to use it (and use it correctly) will be fine.
Of course its not a catastrophic bug. Jason Mick is an idiot. I'm just saying there is going to be a small subset of users affected. Maybe.

It is definitely not a W7 show stopper. I can't believe he asserted that the launch could be delayed. L O L
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