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Default Got a Hercules sound card, read here plz!

Ok, I have the 6.1 sound card and someone here mentioned something about the DSP chip. What I find strange is the following.

Fortissmo III has the CS4624 chip
The Digifire 7.1 has the CS84624 chip
The XP Theatre 7.1 has the CS4624 chip
**The XP Theatre 6.1 has the CS4630 chip

And if you look here, is indicating the 4630 is an updated version of the 4624 chip, so then I ask you, are we screwed with the XP Theatre 6.1 having a chip which Hercules doesn't put on any of their new cards. Makes me wonder why they are outputting new cards with the lesser DSP module on it...

reason being I want to get my dad one but not necessarily the one I have seeing how the DSP on mine doesn't seem to exist on any of the newer cards.

What are your thoughts, please.
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