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Default Re: Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Feedback Thread

They should probably have focused more on general combat gameplay than they did. I certainly don't like the Fable 2 style fighting (1 button in that case, just really simple in this one). If I'm batman, I want to feel like I can kick ass, and that would probably involve a superhero like ability to kick tough enemy ass. I don't like the fact that they stand around waiting for you, or attack in turn.

That being said, I've been in street fights from between 2 and ~ 7 people locally (and between 4 and 20 for the entire group attacking vs my platoon of between 2 and 3, true story), and they generally do stand around, and for a seasoned fighter, they really are cannon fodder.

But I want the game world to be more "real" than the real world.
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