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Default Re: 8800GTX + Direct3D8 + Visual C++ + XP = Random Performance Increase

Hi Walterman

Your discovery is fantastic. I am running MS FSX and I get decent performance, but it still stutters a bit. Anywhere from 15% to 40% of my video memory is non-local (as displayed by Riva Tuner), which I believe causes the stuttering. I am trying to locate the file which contains the D3DUSAGE_DYNAMIC entry so I can change it to D3DUSAGE_WRITEONLY, and experiment with it. Can you help me to locate it? Smooth gaming.


P.S. I discovered a very simple way (just few mouse clicks on the task manager) to run any game on ALL cores of any multicore processor be it two or four. Disregard what they say that most games are single-threaded. You can run them on ALL threads, distributing the load approximately evenly on all cores. You might already know how to do it, if not I will let you know.

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