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Default Re: Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by JohnDio View Post
I know i won't be playing it with the PhysX effects ON.

Even at 1280x960+4xAA, there are some areas where the framerate drops to 30 (and it really hurt my eyes. After all that's what i dislike in most consoles games, the damn 30fps cap).

Without the effects, it never drops bellow 62fps at 1600x1200+16xQAA with max details!
Not sure what's going on for you.

On performance: At 1680*1050, 4xAA, max everything, including high PhysX, get lowest of ~ 38, normally around 50-60 (max is 60). Normal PhysX makes lowest around 45, but at the expense of some cloth. At normal, smoke and papers remain, not sure about banners, but in the first half of the demo, the caution tape around the exposed electrical security system is gone on normal.

I have 285. Check to make sure SLI is working, or try turning one card off. I have performance much better than that.

Also, "Normal" PhysX is much nicer than none. The damn papers getting kicked up by action are cool, as are the stacks that blow into sheets of loose paper, and the smoke is bomb.
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