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Default 1080p, VGA vs DVI-HDMI from PC

I recently picked up a Samsung LN40B640 from Best Buy, it was on sale for $1099.
Just have to say this thing is awesome.
I've tried several smaller LCD monitors and always came away unhappy with the image quality.
This screen is pretty much flawless, it has inky black levels, no color banding, very bright colors overall, plus a ton of great features.
At any rate, everyone said that I need to use a DVI-HDMI cable to get the best 1080p quality from my PC. (I have a GTX 260)
I initially had it set up with a good quality VGA cable and thought it looked superb.
I decided that I would go ahead and try the other cable and was extremely disappointed.
The colors were off, text was blurry, it looked much worse than the VGA does.
I'm just curious if anyone else has had this experience, I was fully expecting the DVI-HDMI to look sharper rather than worse than the VGA connection.

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