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Originally Posted by skypx
I remembered reading the information before I subscribed but I can't seem to find it again. Bottom line is one of the biggest differences between the TechNet/MSDN subscription and Action Pack sub. With the Action Pack, your legal right to use the software expires when your subscription does. With the other two, you can legally use the software permanently; you just no longer have access to continued updates and other subscriber resources.
Originally Posted by verncat View Post
This is 100% correct info.
You are both correct about the license not expiring after the subscription period, however the usage discussed in this thread is still in breach of the license agreement, which was the purpose of my warning.

From the FAQ:
Can I use evaluation software received in my TechNet Plus subscription at home?

The license grants installation and use rights to one user only, for evaluation purposes, on any of the userís devices, this may include devices at home. Keep in mind that you may use the evaluation software only to evaluate it. You may not use it in a live operating environment, a staging environment, or with data that has not been sufficiently backed up. You may not use the evaluation software for software development or in an application development environment.
The license:

I won't keep posting about this. Just be aware of what you are actually purchasing.
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