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Default Re: Catastrophic bug found in Win7 RTM

Originally Posted by Sazar View Post
chkdsk /r basically is repair mode. Apparently if you are looking to use other applications and use the system while the computer is in repair mode, the guy who raised the "issue" claimed it was "slow".

The microsoft dev team responded saying this was by design so that the chkdsk repair could be performed more quickly.

This will typically affect people who have less than 4GB of system memory, who have admin rights and who have a necessity to run chkdsk.
Well this should only affect using it on a secondary disk like they reported. Unless it has changed if you attempt to run chkdsk /r on your boot partition windows is going to run it on the next startup anyway. So that cuts out an even larger chunk of people.

I'm all for making it run faster when your on startup because you can't use the pc until it actually boots up. This was probably the reasoning for the tweaks.
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