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Originally posted by ChrisRay
Well dont attack the driver team. It amazes me some of the stuff that the Nvidia driver team "can" pull off. Can you imagine just how the Nvidia driver team works to get this done?
I'm not attacking the driver team. Just pointing out the coincidences in benchmark scores between ATI and NVIDIA. You don't think it's odd that pre-optimization NVIDIA gets its ass handed to it and post-optimization scores are virtually in a deadlock with ATI? It should be apparent that NVIDIA sets ATI's scores as a target and "optimizes" as much as needed to get to that goal.

Even if People say Nvidia drivers are not gold standard anymore. You can at least Say the Nvidia driver team definately knows what its doing in most situations.
NVIDIA's OGL drivers were the gold standard, from a developer's point of view. Which has nill to do with D3D. I think most people will tell you that NVIDIA's OGL drivers are a lot better than there D3D drivers, even from ages ago.
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