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Default Re: Argh! Dissapointed with GTX275 clocking...

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Hooray! I've finally tamed the card! Browsing OC versions of the 275 and 285 I found one thing in common, their 3d voltage was at 1.18v. For some reason mine was only at 1.17. I manned up and flashed my card with my modified bios, and voila! Blazing hot temperatures (10c hotter, 86c load under 100% fan), but also a lofty core oc - 738/1512/1215 stable. To think I was about to trade up to a 285... All this nail biting flashing brought me crysis at 1680x1050 with my very-super-dooper-ultra-mega high config and Lifesys ToDs at 30fps avg, 24 minimum
You take video cards way too seriously
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