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Default Re: Official Technet Thread

Originally Posted by AngelGraves13 View Post
volume activation as key would work for 4 computers or what?
there are two types of volume license keys, KMS and MAK.

KMS requires key authentication server to be located on your network. (KMS keys not available on techent)

MAK = Multiple Activation Keys, not excactly sure how many times, some say 10, some say 100. Most never reach the limit.

All volume license software on technet uses MAK keys, they only give you one key.

Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
Hmm considering subscribing to technet, but it's really expensive over here - 340 even with the 25% discount. Can I use three licenses at once, if I own and use all of the three computers myself? Would prefer to get the family pack but we once again get shafted here in Europe so that won't be an option..
for all retail software you can get up to 10 keys just through technet, you can e-mail/call technet Customer Service and ask for more then 10 if you need.

Volume activation software like most servers, you get 1 MAK key that can be activated multiple times
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