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Originally Posted by DeusGear View Post
Actually it does have to do with the driver as physx is completely built into that. With windows 7 pre 186 drivers you could have an ati card and nvidia for physx and it worked perfectly and everyone was happy. Now nvidia decided to lock the driver to nvidia only so ati users are screwed.

Ati decides to not pick up physx (actually I've never really seen any articles on this, anyone got a link?), ok their loss. But why on earth would nvidia lock their drivers out to ati cards when they could be making profit and expanding physx via plug in cards ie 9600 gt?
No it doesn't. The physx software is seperate. If you're saying that the new bundled physx software doesnt allow gpu detection in the presence of an ati card, that's possible. Just don't update the physx software. It's not like updates offer anything new.
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