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Default Re: Pure video = VDPAU ?

Originally Posted by sherbey View Post
...What you've got to ask yourself is what would be the point financially for nvidia to support an obsolete product with new software which wouldn't meet the requirements of anyone who owns it (ie stutter free decoding of h.264 1080i50). It would require considerable extra coding, validation and verification to absolutely no benefit to them or the customer base.
" Sources close Nvidia are claiming that Nvidia has a secret video driver that can make a real difference and give ATIís Avivo a run for its money. Nvidia is getting ready to release the miraculous driver that is supposed to beat ATI in Video performances.

The driver will ensure that IGP 6150 integrated graphic core and 6200 low end core can play H.264 content at 720P resolution. Faster cards should be able to play 1080 P resolutions without problems. The new driver will allow all Geforce 6 and 7 series to play H.264 content. Yes, this means each and every card from Geforce 6200 to 7800 GTX will play H.264.

I wonder if there will be a Linux version ....

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