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Originally Posted by Bearclaw View Post
Yes, yes it is. Vista was buggy as hell and still is.

Yes, every enthusiast on this forum can and does get it to work well but point is - the common people using PC's don't. They can barely turn on the computer let alone ATTEMPT anything we discuss on this forum.

Point is - for the average user, it was a pain in the ass. W7 completely re-defines Vista and while it isn't a "new" O/S, it brings a lot to the table, including an easier experience for the end user.

Go with W7. Anyone who wouldn't install it over Vista, well, have fun with Vista. The failed O/S.
Vista and Win7 are so damn similar that if you alrady have Vista IMO the only thing you should be possibly purchasing Win7 for is either the enhanced UI or the networking options. Ok Libraries. But certainly not for the performance. It is very similar speed, especially after service tweaks, which we all do.
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