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Default Re: Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
most of us have disabled it and prefer the extra FPS over some papers blowing around though
Except that it's not just papers blowing around. It's total absence of smoke, and missing cloth textures, etc.

After playing it with PhysX enabled I wouldn't play it without it now. I guess if you don't know what you are missing it's no big deal, but seeing all the stuff left out with it turned off is a bummer.

Originally Posted by jAkUp View Post
Personally I don't find the GTX 295 very loud at all.
That's because it's not.

A single 285 is just as loud, and a 275 is within a decibel or so. Hell, even a 260 at load is only a couple decibels lower than a 295.

I heard a lot about the noise before i bought mine, and it's highly overstated. I came from a 260 SSC to this card and most of the time it's actually quieter because this 295 doesn't have to ramp the fan up as high to keep cool.

Sure, if you turn the fan up to 100% is a leaf blower, but my card never goes above 65% and my temps never leave the low 70s.
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