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ugh, new problem.

i played to the point in the halo level where i'm past protecting the humans and i'm driving around in a warthog to the different groups of humans and defending them until they can be picked up. i got there last night. now, today, i try to continue, and i just start the level all over. even if i manually load a previous game, it restarts the level. whats goin on? anyone got any ideas?

btw; i love the game itself, apart from mouselag. for some reason, the console won't come up for me. how do you make it come up?
running smoothly at 1024x768 @ max textures, no shadows/specular, low particles. looks better than the xbox in my opinion (apart from the specular which is enabled on xbox). gameplay is much more comfy with a mouse and keyboard.

thanks in advance if anyone can solve this problem.
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