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Default Re: Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by FearMeAll View Post
I never like to have batman run I just like feeling like a badass by having him walk around like the terminator. This is how 3rd person games should feel like. Uses widescreen to a great effect.
Batman never looked so scary. How the hell can he double as Bruce Wayne being built like that lol?
You mean Bruce Lee ? Well he does have some badass moves, but nothing like Bruce Lee, who moves super fast. Batman moves like a Middleweight boxer, which is still quite nimble.
If you actually meant Bruce Wayne, well they're about the same size, and both, you know BATMAN, so it makes sense doesnt it.

I also like the sense of weight he has. He shouldn't be running around like a panzy. The man is in a prison, no ways out, he should walk and stalk like a demon.

I actually got Dark Athena after being inspired by Batman, and while both games are cool, I actually like Batman better (Although I'm playing Butchers Bay the 2nd time). The advances in gameplay mechanics are noticeable, although Butcher's Bay is amazing, and gets quite a bit better after you get shine, what 1/3rd of the game through? I just killed Rusty so I'm still really early on. Butcher's Bay has proven itself to have legs, while we will see with the full Batman release.

This is definetely the most promising superhero game ever though. Well, as long as you don't count Vin "breakdance" Diesel as a superhero, which I know we all do.
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