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Default Re: P45 Overclocking Help

Originally Posted by Dr.Nick View Post
Disable all these;
Advanced Settings
Limit CPUID Max. to 3.....................: [Disabled]
No-Execute Memory Protect..........: [Disabled]
CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E)................: [Disabled]
CPU Thermal Monitor 2(TM2).........: [Disabled]
CPU EIST Function...........................: [Disabled]

Edit- Sorry lost some of my post there. But have you tried running only the 2x2GB sticks? Also you can't hit the same 3GHz on the gigabyte?
Thanks for the advice. I'll try disabling the No-execute and TM2 settings, but I didn't think they had any impact on OC'ing stability. I have not tried running just the 2x2GB sticks, as I wanted to keep the full 6GB.
I can hit 3GHz on the Gigabyte board, but not at stock voltages. The old board was plug & play at that speed at stock voltage. As a result, I'm having to try to learn about these other voltage options the P45 has, and that's where I'm stumbling.

I reached 3GHz and was P95 stable for ~2 hours in Test #12 above. Then, just for kicks I thought I'd try going back into the BIOS, setting all the voltages to "auto" and trying 3GHz, just to see what the BIOS set voltages to. Booted right up, and all of the voltages were higher than I had set in Test #12. Failed P95, though, w/BSOD. So, I tried going back to what seemed to work in Test #12 (I had saved the BIOS settings to CMOS), but those very settings that had Primed away happily for a couple of hours now refused to even POST.

So, I began working my way down in FSB to try to get stable. I reduced FSB (keeping all other settings the same as Test #12) 5MHz at a time down to 300, no POST. I finally gave up and dropped it back down to 266MHz, as I was out of testing time for the day, and needed a functional PC.

Very frustrating. BTW, the "auto" voltages were not so high as to fry anything. vCore was something like 1.4625v, vDIMM was ~1.9v, etc. Not way out of spec, and temps were fine. So, I don't know what's going on.
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