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Default Re: Official Technet Thread

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
So far I've put RTM on my desktop (x64) and my HTPC (x86).

Desktop runs very very nicely. HTPC is having issues with the my TV, was fine before I installed the newest Nvidia driver... I works fine, but when i turn the TV off and come back the TV wont find sync again or if it does the resolution has been reset. On top of that it lost ownership to it's own personal folders. Easy fix, but I think I'll strip the machine and reinstalled from some new better parts left from my last gaming pc upgrade.
That is weird

Was it doing this before? Or did you not have Windows 7 on your HTPC previously?

I have only had an issue with 1 app and that is Orb on my HTPC. Apparently, they have some new thing in the Media Center that the Orb app is not picking up on, but since the RTM is out, they said on their forums they are working on a fix.

Till they do, I can't watch TV on my iPhone unless I rollback to Vista

Everything else works peachy though.
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