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Default Re: Which NVIDIA Graphics Cards can display 2048x2048 ?

Unfortunately, the pixel clock for the gtf based modeline above is out of range
for DVI (330 MHz vs 360.06 MHz). Where did you got the vertical and horizontal
frequencies from? Maybe there is also information concerning front/back porch
and sync pulse? If you could provide that, then I could try to calculate a
modeline for you.

Next, please add a full nvidia-bug-report.log for details, i.e. you may have
forgotten to apply Option "ExactModeTimingsDVI" "True" in your xorg.conf.

I guess the simplest solution would be to (test-)install Windows XP, install
the nvidia driver. Then do whatever it takes to make the LCD showing 2048x2048.
Finally retrieve the timing information using the nvidia control panel (check
"Manage Custom Resolutions" or something like this). Post a screenshot
of the timing values and I can easily create the modeline for you.


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