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Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
I Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme was way high in the middle ,it took hours to get it sanded flat ,I used 2500 on the last passes and it looks like a mirror and my i7920 took for ever to ,but I shine it like a mirror to and it fit together very flat ,it would have probably ran without no paste ,but I put a thin layer of artic silver5 on it and my temps went down around 7c on one core plus it made all my tempertures closer together.I now get 38c 36c 36c 34c instead of 45c 39c 39c 35c at 4.2g 1.3v Turbo on HT on.
My TRUE (775) that I lapped was also way off, but I just recently got a TRUE-1366 for a friend's new build. Throwing some STG1 down and a quick test fit showed that the base was a lot flatter. I think they might have gotten their QC a lot better since the 775 version.
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