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Originally posted by Nv40
without looking at performance ,but only at imagequality
the biggest diference between Nvidia cineFx in Nv3x and
Radeon9700 is in the maximun Pixel shaders colors precision and not in vertex shaders.

Nv30 can do much longer pixel shader programs in a single pass
without a loss in image quality .
A picture is worth a thousand words. Show me a pair of pictures where one was rendered at 96 bit precision, and the other at 128 bit precision, and show me the visual difference. Go ahead... I'm waiting. I don't think Pixar even renders movies at 128 bit precision, but 96 and downsamples to 64 bit for frame storage after rendering.

Nv30 can keep the precision all the way at 128bits! its is much more flexible ,more accurate and more powerfull in its pixel shaders ..
I'll give you more accurate. Now you explain how it is more flexible or more powerful. That's right, the NV30 is only some vague paper specs right now, and you don't know. Doesn't stop you from spreading FUD though.

this next table shows the key diferences between ati and Nvidia directX9 cards ..
That table from tech-report is from August 9th, and is simply wrong. NVIDIA supplied their "best guess" as to the R300's capabilities, and it turned out that the R300 was much more powerful/flexible than NVIDIA had believed. Why don't you find some source from, say, the last month or so?
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