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Default Apple 24" LED Cinema Display doesn't work with GT 120 in a Mac Pro under Linux


I have a newish Nehalem based 8-core Mac Pro and I can't get the nvidia driver to work properly with a 24" Apple LED Cinema display connected using the mini displayport. The monitor works fine under MacOS, as does hooking up another monitor using the DVI port instead of the Displayport (under Linux). I have tried a variety of different combinations of Linux kernel versions and Nvidia drivers and all of them do the same thing. The Xorg.log file indicates that the monitor is detected correctly and the correct resolution is chosen but the display is just a bunch of garbage (multicolored noisy lines/patterns/etc). I've tried switching resolutions but nothing seems to make a difference. I am currently using Debian with a kernel and the 185.18.31 driver. I am attaching a copy of the nvidia bug report log as well as a photo of the screen. The only strangeness I noticed in the log files was that in the Xorg.log file the GT 120 is reported as having 1048576kb of memory when in fact the card only has 512 megs. However it seems to work fine at 1600x1200 with a DVI monitor.

The console display is also screwy - it kind of works but sometimes the screen fills up with buffered stuff and you can't see what you're typing. Not really a problem for me but maybe its a symptom of a bigger problem. The screwy console behavior happens with both the LED Cinema Display using the Displayport and a Samsung display connected via DVI.

Any help is greatly appreciated ! The Mac Pro is the only machine I have with a Displayport so swapping in another monitor to run Linux would be pretty lame.

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