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Default Re: Any software to locate memory leak?

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Try running msconfig from the run command. (Windows Key + R) you can select diagnostic startup. Once you reboot the pc it will startup with only the essential services. If the computer works properly then it's obviously something that msconfig can shut off. If that's the case you can check the startup tab in msconfig and add things one a time and narrow it down to which program might be causing the issue.

If it doesn't stop the memory leak than chances are either a service is hosed or your pc has a virus. In either case a repair or a reinstall might be the easiest solution.
This was over multiple installs and I always had AV software on it. I've since put Win7 RTM on here and have no issues. I think it may have been my FTP server software as I changed to Filezilla after the last reinstall. Not sure nothing ever showed up in resource manager eating up that much memory.
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