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Default Re: Which NVIDIA Graphics Cards can display 2048x2048 ?

Originally Posted by oaj View Post
I got that "modeline example" from here -> .
But I think that modeline values are wrong. I've tested and didn't work.
The modeline you are referring to has been generated with a command
line tool called "gtf", i.e. try this:

gtf 2048 2048 60
I would expect the resulting modeline not to work because the pixel clock
determined by gtf (360.06 MHz) is beyond the limit of a dual-link DVI output
(330 MHz).

The result of "gtf 2048 2048 55.46" might work:

Modeline "2048x2048_55.46"  330.00  2048 2208 2432 2816  2048 2049 2052 2113
But i guess you need is a modeline specific for the MDS-471, i.e.
something like handcrafted in posting #5 in this thread (BTW.: did
you tried that out, yet?).

Originally Posted by oaj View Post
A coleague lend me another machine with Windows XP and a GeForce 9300 GE, and I have started some tests with this ...
Does there exist some sort of "driver" software for nvidia on XP for the display?
I couldn't easily google something on that topic. Otherwise, do you have access
to one of those Barco PVS6 video cards? If true, then it should be possible to
retrieve the timing information with the "PowerStrip" tool on XP.


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