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Originally posted by Fluke
Check this out... what do you think of the ones on the top right

These look nice... (I'd consider for myself the ones on the top right)

But still, wondering if the Creative 5300's would work on the Theatre XP 6.1... very important for someone i know who has them and wants to scrap his Audigy too...
speakers are speakers, they would work fine with the AC97 sound if you wanted.

The ones on the top right seem a little underpowered. you see i would rather get a Powerfull 3 speaker setup then a less powerfull 5.1 or 4.1. I would probably choose the ones in the Top Middle, but if a cheaper 5.1 is what your looking for, then they seem like the only option.

Edit: If you absoluty want a 5.1 then its the top right. But a good 4.1 deal is the bottom left ones.

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