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Default Re: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call of Pripyat

Very interesting link in english about STALKER Call of Pripyat . Is a new sub forum in english lenguage of Gameinator , very good forum and page about videogames in russian lenguage, where write in russian lenguage many developers and PR , for example the people of Metro 2033 , Precursors , Cryostasis etc , for answer the fans .

Originally Posted by G-offspring
The GSC company is proud to present to all fans of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. some new screens from Pripyat:

On these photos you can see "Berezka" shop, school №1, Yubileiny service center,kindergarten and also bulding 14 at Lenin avenue. The following map shows you where does these objects can be found in the real Pripyat:

Originally Posted by G-offspring
Hi there!
A new sweet little interview with Oleg Yavorsky showed up in the Russian section, so I’ve made a brief translation of the most interesting parts:

Q: What locations can we expect in CoP? Is there any dungeons, faction bases or some old locations?
A: As one can already guess form the name of the project, the main location in the game is Pripyat and we can be proud of this location, as the eastern part of the town (which is featured in this location) is made very close to the real one. We made a trip to the Zone once again, photographed a lot, and used the satellite photography to make it as authentic as it can be. We tweaked it for the purpose of gameplay a bit, so it is about 90-95% accurate. Apart from Pripyat we have a really huge Zaton and some lesser locations as well as few dungeons. There won’t be any old ones – all of them are new.

Q: And what about the characters in the game? Could we see some factions, military, or the foreign troops?
A: If compared with Clear Sky, then I can say, that factions won’t play such a big role in CoP – they won’t wage a full-scale war. We’re going back to the concept of the original game, where the Zone isn’t populated with people so much and the stalker’s main opponents are mutants and anomalies, as it could be if the Zone was real. Sure you’ll spot the factions and the military in the game, each have their own goal, and you can achieve better relations with some, as the hero is neutral at the beginning.

Q: And what about the relations between the factions? Will they fight for the territory and defend their positions?
A: In the prequel (Clear Sky), we’ve been telling a story about factions establishing their power, fighting for territory and resources. The Faction War was back then – now it is about a month after the events of the original SoC. Each faction has its own goal, according to their ideology – the conflicts are inevitable, but it won’t take the scale of the war again.

Q: What about our earnings? Can we find an expensive gun or artifact? How easy will it be to get ammo or medicine in the game?
A: Sure it won’t be easy to find a rare or expensive gun, but you shouldn’t forget, that now stalkers will search corpses, collect artifacts and guns, so it is possible to find a lot of stuff in the backpack of a killed stalker. Ammo or medicine can be found or bought from stalkers or traders – as it would be in the real life.

Q: What can you say about artifacts and anomalies? Their quantity and difficulty of finding an artifact?
A: The search for artifacts is the main business of the stalkers – their bread. That’s why we are trying to make this part of the game as interesting as possible. You can’t find a valuable artifact just lying on the ground – you have to equip yourself with a detector and crawl in the anomalous field. Only by making your way through anomalies, constantly being under the harmful effect of the anomalous field, you’ll have a chance for a big buck. Moreover, after every Blowout the order of the anomalies in the field will change, so it won’t be possible to just memorize the safest way and use it over and over again.

Q: What guns and armor will we find in CoP? Will there be something new?
A: One of the biggest innovations in CoP concerning armor is that it is now divided into body armor and head protection – for example bulletproof vest and the helmet. It is also possible to repair and upgrade them. As for weapons – the upgrade system from CS was improved, so it is now possible to upgrade it in a few directions at the same time.

Q: Is it possible to hire some stalkers and act as a team? Can we be stealthy by hiding in bushes with a sniper rifle and shooting enemies from the distance? Will the enemy spot us at once, or he will run around searching for the sniper?
A: Stalkers are loners, so it’s not possible to find a partner, though you can join some stalkers during some missions, or some stalkers can join you during others, but normally everyone is at his own – it’s the Zone. NPCs have the ability to hear in the defined radius and see in the defined sector – being outside these, you can easily sneak undetected. As for shooting – each shot has a sound and direction, and it is quite possible being detected after the first one.

Q: In the Clear Sky it can be clearly seen that the AI was greatly improved – NPCs don’t leave themselves open, but hide behind the rocks, walls, etc. Will you use the same system and will be the AI improved even more?
A: Well, it’s rather to say ”polishing” than ”improvement” – the most radical improvements were made in the monster’s AI and the global A-Life system. With every new step, we’re getting closer to that functionality of the system which suits us most – it is so complicated, that we were improving it all the time the original game, always making corrections and tweaks here and there.

Q: In both Stalker games we got an outstanding visuals as well as the atmosphere. Can we expect further improvements in graphics as well as more spoken dialogs and new interface features?
A: Judging the atmosphere – it will be close to the one of original SoC game that was critically acclaimed as the most atmospheric game of the 2007. The visuals will be somewhat better then in the Clear Sky, but system requirements will be the same due to the optimization. The dialogues will be mostly written, it is better as the voiceover sometimes – the player uses his own imagination instead of artist’s expressions to perceive the character’s personality. The interface was totally redone to make it more intuitive. The use of hot keys was added, a convenient round mini-map and lots of other stuff. Also, we made a possibility to continue the game after completing the main storyline.

Q: Will there be Blowouts in the game? If yes, will the occur only as storyline-driven events, or will they be completely random?
A: Both, and the player will have to seek shelter to survive one.

Q: Will there be any improvements to multiplayer.
A: We’re working on the code optimization, reduction of traffic and new anti-cheat tools. There will be a system of ratings and rewards as well. No radical changes in the gameplay modes.
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