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Default Re: Help Slipstreaming IE8 into VistaSP2 Image

Originally Posted by d2thez View Post
I am trying to slipstream IE8 into a VistaSP2 x64 image. I followed the step online and successfully integrate, but when I burn the files back to disc hte PC won't boot from the new disc.


1. Download VistaSP2 x64 ISO image from technet
2. Use 7-Zip and unpack the ISO image
3. Download IE8 x64 and unpack using 7-Zip
4. Follow Microsoft directions to integrate it using the Windows Automated Installation Kit
5. It is successfully integrated
6. Burn Vista files back to DVD --or-- Using CDBurnerXP I create a new ISO buy capturing all the Vista files, and then burn that ISO to disc

No matter which way I do step 6, the PCs I have tried won't boot from the new disc I have created. Help please.
I thought SP2 comes with IE8 in it? Anyway, try using nLite (or I guess vLite). . .

Also, its not booting because you just dragged (drug?) the files onto a disk; there is a boot sector from the original DVD that needs to be burnt also (which isn't viewable with just windows explorer).
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