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Default Re: Darkest of Days Demo

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
I'm pretty sure it was already said the game only uses one GPU... and you have the same Q6600 processor. It's odd the Physx did nothing for you though.

I'll know more tomorrow when I can play the demo.
Odd that it has an SLI profile in the 190.38 drivers (as listed on EVGA's profile page). Granted, I had to go back to the 186.18 drivers as the 190.38s caused weird artifacts in other games, I did put the SLI profile back into the 186.18s through nHancer.

If multi-GPU isn't supported, would turning SLI off put all the PhysX stuff onto the 2nd GPU, or would it do nothing? What about SLI-AA? I guess I could try that too to maybe.

It's just unfortunate because loads of other better looking games perform so well and this was a lot more fun than I wanted to give it credit. At least it was a playable 30fps.
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