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Default Re: Re: Geforce FX 5600 Ultra Help!

Originally posted by ragejg
133/266 fsb + PC2100 ...

Don't expect much out of a 2600 under these circumstances...

Many a user has complained about this problem...

Drop your multi, raise your fsb, ond raise the clocks on that card a little...
Well I uninstalled my Nvidia 44.23 and installed 3D Blaster 44.03 and i instantly gained 2000 3D mark points, it as from 8000+ to 10000+,

But I'm having Hard time adjusting the FSB and the clocks from the bios Setup, is there another way to do it!

I've Downloaded CPuCool, but i requires Ntiowp.sys file and i searched everywhere but cant find it!

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