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Default Re: Core i7 Overclocking thread

1. Turn off speedstep

2. Turn off Turbo

3. Set Vcore to 1.35v

4. Set DRAM to 1.66 (and disregard the voltage's o.k.)

5. Make sure your RAM is set to 1066 (not the 1600 it's rated for as it will step with your other settings later)

6. Set your Bclk to 190 (for 3.8ghz)

My only recommendation is to make sure you have a decent aftermarket cooler on your proc as the stock cooler will struggle at these settings. It might still run, but it WILL struggle.

These settings will set your RAM to 1523mhz. Most people have needed to bump their Vcore up another smidgen to get 4ghz, but really there's no reason IMO.
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