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The fans on my Voodoo5 dinosaur has been nothing but trouble...

They were the worst kind of little cheap rubbish... after a year the ball bearings were worn out, and the fans made a horrible SkHGGGRRR noise... both of them. So I replaced them with Blue Orbs... but for some unfathomable reason, the mounting holes on the V5 differ from all other cards, and therefore from the Blue Orbs as well... so I had to glue them on.
Can you imagine what kind of noise two Blue Orbs does? The wind noise from them was unbearable. So I removed the fans from the Orbs and ran them passive.
The V5 was stable with passive Blue Orbs and all was well until a few days ago, when the Orb on the primary VSA-100 fell off while I was reading news here at nVnews!... the glue had given up...

Now waiting for a delivery of some thermal adhesive and a set of larger, all-copper heatsinks to use on it...

Right now I'm using the horrid little intergrated i82815 on my Mainboard...

You may wonder why I still hang on to this overlarge jurassic videocard... the only reason is that my Mainboard flat-put refuses to work with anything that takes its power from the AGP port... so it is PCI, V5 or Radeon9700 for me
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