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Default Re: RMA a GTX275 back to Newegg?

I'll just call them Monday if no one's done a video card RMA with Newegg recently. It just about wouldn't matter what card you bought from them since virtually every one of them include CoD - World at War or Farcry 2 or Terminator, so they'd so the same thing to anyone.

I know I'm going to step on some toes on this, but I owned an eVGA before and read up on that 90 day "step-up". After reading all the steps, all the waiting involved, and fine print, that looked like the largest headache in the world, and borderline scam. Based on the money you'd end up paying, one would do far better just ebaying an old card and buying a new card at Newegg prices instead of full retail eVGA prices. Also, the turnaround for ebay and buy new is basically the shipping time for Newegg to send you a new card. What card are you supposed to use if you "step up" with EVGA in the interim??

In any event, "full refund" from Newegg > step up. At least it had been up until i encountered this new issue I'm posting about. I'm going to ask them to waive the restocking fee too since I paid an extra $300 for a more expensive card.
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